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Our view of being a guardian with Free Range Pooches.

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Our view of being a guardian with Free Range Pooches.

We were looking at purchasing a French Bulldog for a while and was looking around breeders.

While looking at Free Range Pooches we came across the write up about being a guardian with them.

The wife and I were nervous about doing this, however the ladies at Free Range Pooches made both of us relaxed about the process.

They came out to visit us and even bought one of their guardian dogs, which we both fell in love with.

We asked about the restrictions about being a guardian and to our surprised the main rules were that the dog must be loved and well looked after.

The ladies offered us the chance to look after this dog for a while with no obligation.

That night we knew that this dog was the one for our house and our other dog loved having a friend again.

Since this, our own dog had passed and the ladies were there for us and after a while we knew that we needed another companion for the 12-month-old French bulldog that we had from Free Range Pooches. To our surprised they offered some other options for us.

We found our new companion for our whole family. We now can’t imagine a life without our two boisterous, loving and funny frenchies.

Since day one we have had an awesome experience with the ladies at Free Range Pooches.

We have visited them on different occasions and was made to feel welcome every time.

I have made recommendations to many friends as this is a great way to find the right dog.

If you are thinking about this process and want to talk to me more about our experience please ask the ladies for my contact details.  


Andy and Tania

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