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Free Range Pooches NZ are Air NZ approved domestic pet transporters in Canterbury New Zealand. 

  • We can book your puppies flight and transport your puppy to the airport .

  • Puppies must be over 8 weeks of age.

  • We stock airline approved crates here for you to purchase.

  • Email us for current flight prices.

  • We are also able to assist with your puppies transportation overseas.

    When it comes to flying, we strongly recommend pet insurance to ensure your puppy will be safe, even in the worst case scenario. PD Insurance is what we recommend for your puppy and covers both Domestic and International Flights between New Zealand and Australia. 

  • We highly recommend Pet Insurance

  • Click the link below to get your best quote 



  • All our puppies at Free Range Pooches go home with PD Insurance.

Whether picking up your puppy in person or greeting them at the airport, here is a list of a few helpful things to bring with you:

1. It is better to travel with the puppy in a secure travel crate in case of an accident.

2. Paper towels in case of car sickness or other mistakes. Moist baby wipes are also great to have on hand for quick clean ups. Remember to take a rubbish bag.

3. A soft towel or baby blanket for your puppy to snuggle in. We supply one that they have been sleeping on.

4. A small bottle of water and a shallow bowl for drinking, in case your puppy gets thirsty.

5. Pet Pads – Please do not put your puppy down on the ground in places like a rest stop, right outside a store etc where MANY dogs have also used the bathroom in the same grass before you and your little puppy were there. Many dogs are not vaccinated and if there was a dog that had parvo even one year ago and used the bathroom in that spot, Parvovirus may infect your puppy and can be lethal to him/her. Your puppy is not protected against Parvo until all 3/4 vaccinations are complete. You may think this Parvo protection instructions sound like “over-kill”, but it is not, after you pup has been fully vaccinated you do not have worry about this kind of thing.

6. For picking up your puppy at the airport please phone the airport before pick up and find out whereabouts you need to go to pick up your puppy.

You must take photo ID when picking up from the airport and only the named person is to pick up from the airport.

Also  make sure you have the airway bill number. Keep your cell phone on you!

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