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Grieving For Your Beloved Dog 💔

They tell you not to cry because it's just a dog, not a person.

They say the pain will fade and animals are unaware of their impending death.

They emphasize the importance of not causing your dog suffering and remind you that you can get another one.

They say there are worse pains in life.

But they don't know how many times you looked your dog in the eyes or how often it was just the two of you in the dark.

They don't know how many times your dog was your only companion, never judging you.

They aren't aware of the fear you felt when your dog cried out in the night or how many nights your dog slept near you.

They don't realize how much you've changed since your dog entered your life.

They don't know how many times you held him when he was sick, or how you watched his fur gradually turn white.

They can't fathom how much you talked to your dog, the one who truly listened.

They don't understand how beautiful you were to your dog or how your dog understood your pain.

They don't comprehend the sight of your aging dog struggling to greet you.

They don't know that in difficult times, your dog was always there.

They don’t realize how much your dog trusted you throughout his life, even until the end.

They can’t grasp how deeply your dog loved you, and how little it took to make him happy because you were everything to him.

Crying for a dog is one of the most genuine, meaningful, and honest things you can do.

They can’t know the tenderness of moving him carefully in his final moments.

They don’t understand the profound feeling of stroking his face as he took his last breath 💔

Free Range Pooches NZ ❤️

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