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Travelling with your FurBaby in Aotearoa New Zealand

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Be prepared :-) here are some ideas that will help

1: Don’t just think that the accommodation you booked is okay with your pup coming along.

2: Please double-check your pup can get across the Cook Strait safely.

3: Can your pup be off-leash at that beach spot or park you are wanting to go to?

Taking time doing your homework will help avoid any nasty surprises along the way.

The local, Paw Planet app is a great tool to use for the answers to all these issues and a whole lot more. It has a huge database of all off-leash areas throughout New Zealand including rules and regulations guidelines.

We have found it so helpful 😃

It helps you find your nearest:

  • Off-Leash Area

  • Vet

  • Locally made Dog Food & Treats

  • Dog friendly Cafes

  • Dog friendly Accommodation

  • Dog Day Care

  • Walkers

  • Sitters

  • Kennels

  • And much more!

If you are off on road with pup, get them used to being in the car first.

While some dogs love sticking their head out the window as they zoom down the highway, other pups end up a bundle of nerves - or even worse, can suffer car sickness, especially when young.

Take it from us who knows; cleaning puppy vomit from the back seat is one of the least enjoyable ways to spend a holiday, so factor in some stops to stretch their legs and have a sniff around.

It does pay to take a clean-up kit in your car just in case you do need to do a little clean up. We have baby wipes, disinfectant, handy towels and a rubbish bag.

Once they are road-ready, make sure their vaccinations and microchip details are up to date and then start packing. Throw your dog’s favorite food, bed, toys and treats into the car , to make any new environments feel a little more like home. Also make sure you have plenty of water and a bowl in the car.

One other thing to note if you're in the South Island and looking to go north, check that your pup has had their lepto vaccination – it's more common up north and often they don't vaccinate for it if you live in the South Island.

If flying to your destination, dogs can be checked as luggage with Air New Zealand, travelling in an air-conditioned, temperature-regulated section of the hold. Just make sure they have a travel-approved cage and you have spent some time getting them used to being inside it.

Your pup can travel on both the Interislander and Bluebridge ferries and you can hire a kennel or keep your dog in your vehicle during sailing.

If you do leave them in the car, please make sure they are safe. You can’t stay with them in the vehicle and will need an escort to check on them. And there is no guarantee you will get a parking spot out of the sun, so in summer especially, be sensible and check out the list of requirements for travel before setting off.

Taking time doing your homework will help avoid any nasty surprises along the way.

You’re finally at your destination. Well done! There are a surprising number of hotels (yes, really), motels, and campsites around the country that are happy to welcome animals.

But, once again, it pays to do your homework as “dog-friendly” can range from rolling out the doggy red carpet, to simply letting your puppy sleep in the car.

Domestic Pet Transport Free Range Pooches NZ are Air NZ approved domestic pet transporters in Canterbury New Zealand.

  • We can book your puppies flight and transport your puppy to the airport .

  • Puppies must be over 8 weeks of age.

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  • Email us for current flight prices.

  • We are also able to assist with your puppies transportation overseas.

Vet bills can be very expensive

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