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You Puppy Packs

When our puppies reach 8 weeks old, they're all set to start a new adventure with their loving families. Before they leave our care, we make sure they get all the important stuff. That means giving them a microchip so they can always be identified, their first vaccine, and regular deworming.

And because we want their transition to be easy, each puppy gets a special puppy pack.

Inside, there's their favorite top quality food to keep their diet consistent, a cozy blanket, and a toy they're already attached to.

Plus, we put in a new toy and tasty treats to make them feel right at home.

You'll also get some important books with your puppy. There's a vaccine book to keep track of their vaccine dates, their microchip number, and worming dates.

All our puppies go home covered by PD Insurance.

At first, you get free coverage for four weeks.

Then, they will call you to sign up.

If you do, you'll get another 12 weeks for free.

The pet insurance works month by month, (so you're not stuck in a contract for a whole year).

You can choose from three plans: Accident, Classic, and Deluxe.

You can choose between three amounts you pay for your excess - the more you pay for excess, the less your monthly payments will be.

We highly recommend this 😃

Also a guidebook full of tips on caring for your new furry friend.

- we provide you with a Free Range Pooches bag to put everything in.

Whether your puppy is flying to you or you're picking them up in person, we ensure that the puppy pack is safely delivered into your hands.

***** IMPORTANT *****

We have microchiped your puppy

so now you'll need to register it with your vet.

Just remember to give them your info and emergency contacts to finish the process smoothly.

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