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Where do we acquire our dogs from?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

We invest a significant amount of time exploring various breeders.

Yes, we have had bad dealings with other breeders 😪.

Therefore, our top priorities include:

Ensuring the breeder is trustworthy

Confirming they conduct full health testing and viewing the results.

Checking if we can visit them or have a video call.

Reviewing feedback from others.

Verifying their registration as a breeder.

Making sure they are eithal.

After that, we assess their dogs DNA, structure and personality.

Locating an excellent breeder who performs full health testing is a challenge for us.

This limitation significantly narrows down our options.

We collaborate closely with a small group, which enables us to achieve our goals together.

Vet bills can be expensive 😪

Free Range Pooches NZ recommends PD Insurance, to sign up for your puppy/dog just click on this link to get started

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