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Flying your puppy between Australia and New Zealand, do you have pet insurance cover?

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Here at Free Range Pooches NZ we get insurance cover for our puppies whilst traveling between Australia and New Zealand.

If something happens to your fur baby, the last thing you want is to be left wondering whether you can afford medical care.

We find it so terrifying wondering if they are ok.... what happens if?

We know your puppy is a treasured family member that deserves the very best insurance.

When it comes to flying, we strongly recommend pet insurance to ensure your puppy will be safe, even in the worst case scenario. PD Insurance is what we recommend for your puppy and covers both Domestic and International Flights between New Zealand and Australia.

We highly recommend PD Pet Insurance, click the link below to get the best quote

All our puppies at Free Range Pooches go home with PD Insurance.

Call a PD representative and discuss having your puppy covered for flights between Australia and New Zealand


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