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Puppy Dental Development

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Let's dive into the specifics of your puppy's dental development:

During weeks 2 to 4, as your puppy is still with his mother and littermates, his baby teeth will begin to emerge. At this point, his eyes will also open, and he will be relying on his mother's care for nourishment.

Around weeks 5 to 6, your puppy should have a full set of baby teeth, totaling about 28 in all. This is a crucial time for his diet as he starts transitioning from his mother's milk to softer puppy food. The weaning process is underway, and he's beginning to explore different textures and flavors.

Between weeks 12 to 16, as your puppy becomes part of your household, he'll experience the shedding of his baby teeth. You might discover tiny teeth around your home during this time. This process can be uncomfortable for your pup, and providing appropriate chew toys becomes essential.

By the time your puppy reaches about six months of age, he should have lost all his baby teeth, and his adult teeth, which total around 42 teeth, should have fully grown in. Keep in mind that retained baby teeth can sometimes occur, so regular check-ups with your veterinarian are important to ensure his dental health is on track.

Maintaining proper dental hygiene and introducing good oral care habits during these early stages sets the foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums for your furry friend.

Maintaining your puppy's oral health isn't just about aesthetics – it's vital for his overall well-being. Regularly brushing his teeth with appropriate dog toothpaste and providing dental-friendly treats can prevent plaque buildup and potential health issues down the line.

Ask your vet what they recommend to use for dental care.

Remember, patience and understanding are key during this time.

Your puppy is learning and growing, and your guidance will play a huge role in his development.

Enjoy this journey of puppyhood and treasure these moments of bonding and learning together!

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