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Parvovirus what you need to know

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Canine parvovirus is a severe viral infection which causes depression and a sudden onset of smelly bloody diarrhoea, vomiting and high fever.

This can lead to severe dehydration and death.

There is a HIGH MORTALITY rate associate with Parvo!

Infected dogs can excrete infectious virus in their faeces for 10 days to 21 days, after the onset of the disease. It can be spread from one dog to the other just through water, food, and contaminated by faeces. It's very difficult to get out of a property - Parvovirus can survive freezing temperatures and most household disinfectants will not kill it - it can survive in an environment for up to 7 years. This virus can also be spread from your shoes and clothing. Unfortunately, dog kennels, parks, river banks and show grounds are all major sources of infection.

Sadly, most cases which are left untreated, the dogs usually will die.

Treatment relies on replacing lost body fluids and correcting disturbed electrolyte balance, with fluid therapy. Both the severity of the challenge and the timing of when treatment is started, will affect the outcome. Treatment usually involves very intensive care for multiple days, in isolation ward within the veterinary hospital. Sadly, this procedure can be very expensive.

So the important question, is how to be prevent a horrible disease?

Vaccinating your dog is the best way to prevent canine parvovirus infection.

Any questions, please call your vet

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