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How Much Does The Puppy Cost?

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

How much does the puppy cost?

BREEDER: The puppy is priced at $5,000.

POTENTIAL OWNER: $5,000? That seems quite expensive!

BREEDER: What would you consider a reasonable price?

POTENTIAL OWNER: I wouldn't want to pay more than $2,000. Reputable breeders like you tend to be on the expensive side.

BREEDER: I understand your perspective. Have you ever thought about trying to do it yourself?

POTENTIAL OWNER: I've never considered that.

BREEDER: I can teach you how to do it for free, and you'll gain valuable knowledge.

POTENTIAL OWNER: That sounds great, thank you!

BREEDER: To start, you'll need a female (typically costing $7,000 and up) and a male (also $7,000 and up) or semen (around $3,000-$5,000 and up). You'll also need to invest in genetic and health testing, averaging about $1,400 per dog. Don't forget about progesterone testing, inseminations, ultrasounds, x-rays, semen collections, semen analysis, and potentially overnight semen shipping (totaling $3,500+). You'll need to provide daily care, feeding, and grooming for two years (minimum $400 per month), plus monthly prevention and regular vet visits.

POTENTIAL OWNER: I'm not sure I have that much money...

BREEDER: For $4,000, you can raise a litter and keep one of the puppies, but you'll be responsible for the whelping and care costs.

POTENTIAL OWNER: I think I can manage that.

BREEDER: Alright, I have a female due to whelp in two weeks. You'll need to be available 24/7 for at least 10 weeks for delivery and care, plus another 4 weeks to monitor mom and puppies.

POTENTIAL OWNER: Fourteen weeks is quite a commitment, especially with my job.

BREEDER: You'll also need to be available for puppy families 24/7 for any concerns and be ready to take back a puppy in case of emergencies.

BREEDER: Additionally, you'll need to cover the cost of progesterone testing ($120 per test), a potential C-section ($2,000-$4,000), and initial vet care for the pups until they can be placed ($800+). You'll also need various supplies like a scale, thermometer, gloves, puppy pads, incubator, and more.

POTENTIAL OWNER: I don't have all those supplies.

BREEDER: You can purchase them for around $7,000 or more.

POTENTIAL OWNER: Actually, I think I'd prefer to just buy a puppy.

BREEDER: That's a wise decision. Breeding is a full-time commitment with no breaks, even during vacations or holidays.

THIS IS THE REALITY: When you choose a reputable breeder, you're not just buying a puppy but also gaining knowledge, support, experience, love, and the breeder's time and sacrifices, along with the cost of lifetime support for the puppy owners.

Copied from another breeder BUT modified by me, as a Frenchie breeder.

Vet bills can be expensive 😪

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