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Health Testing

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Just like humans, dogs can inherit health conditions from their parents.

Responsible breeders make an effort to lessen the likelihood of their puppies inheriting these issues by screening their breeding dogs for heritable conditions and making informed matches when breeding.

While some puppy buyers may only ask for health records to prove the puppy has seen a veterinarian and received a clean bill of health, many others will want to see the health screening results from the parents of the puppy.

Puppy buyers are more informed than ever and understand the importance of a breeder who health tests and carefully matches dogs to improve their breed.

Can health testing ensure that my puppy is going to be in good health?

Health testing is a vital piece of a responsible breeding program when heritable conditions are present, but diet, exercise, environment, and genetics can all factor into whether a dog develops a health condition or disease.

When responsible breeders use health testing to identify risk factors in potential breeding dogs, it can significantly decrease the likelihood of many conditions appearing during your dog's lifetime.

Performing the proper health tests is key, but it's just as important to work with your breeder to understand how diet, exercise, and environmental conditions affect your specific breed.

Health issues vary across breeds

It's important to note that there isn't a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to health testing.

Every breed is susceptible to certain health conditions or diseases.

Breeders perform specific health tests on their dogs based on the common conditions and diseases found in their breed.

  • Hip scoring

  • Elbow grading

  • Eye testing

  • Hearing tests

  • Thyroid tests

  • Heart testing

  • DNA testing

  • Hip evaluation

  • Elbow evaluation

  • Ophthalmologist evaluation

  • Cardiac exam

  • Cone degeneration DNA test

Please research the breed you are interested in to see what test are advised for that breed and also talk to your vet about it..

DNA alone is not full health testing!

Vet Check is not Full Health Testing

Please keep in mind

Reliable screening tests still don't exist for many hereditary diseases.

However, it's a powerful tool that responsible breeders utilize to produce genetically, physically, and emotionally sound puppies.

Health screenings are growing in importance as the positive benefits are understood by breeders.

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