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Get Your Pup Grinning

Updated: Jan 24

Dogs bring heaps of joy, but they can have ruff days too!

Here's how to tell if your pup's feeling pawly and how to perk them up:

  1. Treat Time: Watch your pup light up when treats are in sight! But go easy to keep them trim and slim.

  2. Toy Tale: See your furry friend's spirits soar with a favorite toy. Squeaky toys are a hit – let the squeaking symphony begin!

  3. Play Patrol: Tug-of-war, fetch, or a walk – spend time together to chase away those doggy blues. Couch cuddles work wonders too.

Remember, Wag ≠ Worry Sometimes, your pup's tail wags, but they're not all tail-wagging happy.

Know your pup's signals – tense or extra drooling might mean they need some TLC.

Spread Tail Wags!

Making your dog's day brighter also brings a bounce to your step!

So keep those tails wagging, and the joy will circle right back to you.

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