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DO I Get A Male Or Female Puppy?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Get ready for some pup-tastic insights!

A pup's personality isn't just about boy or girl stuff – How the pup has been raised and genes also play a big role!

When you're picking a pup, it's super important to meet the mom and dad, and ask lots of questions about how they act.

Does the mom pup wag her tail when she sees you, or does she hide?

Does she act mean to keep you away from the pups?

A chill, friendly mom is more likely to have chill, friendly pups.

Ask about how the pup's parents handle loud noises, other dogs, and new people. Can they stay cool when they're by themselves or do they make a big ruckus?

If you can't meet the parents, ask about the pup's life so far.

How have they been raised?

Inside the breeders home?

Picking the right breeder and how the pups have been raised is also very important.

Also, check out the breed of the pup that you want and what they were bred for. Like, if you get a Border Collie and don't give them stuff to do, you're gonna have problems. Those dogs are all about working and herding.

Lots of dogs end up with new families because they didn't fit in with the lifestyle, and the right pup wasn't picked.

Many dogs are given up due to a mismatch in lifestyle, highlighting the importance of careful pup selection.

Talk to your vet about picking the best pup buddy, –make an informed choice, they're gonna be your sidekick for a long time!

Find the right breeder 😁

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