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DNA Testing Is So Important.

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Why do we do DNA tests?

A good breeder’s goal is to select for healthy breeding dogs!

Genetic testing before breeding is the standard of care today.

No one should be breeding an animal without DNA testing for genetic diseases.

No one should be buying a purebred puppy whose parents have not been DNA tested.

For some problems we have DNA tests that look for the actual abnormality in a pet’s genes. Others, such as hip radiographs for hip dysplasia, look for the disease symptoms caused by the genetic defect because DNA testing is not available

DNA tests allow us to better understand our dog’s genetics. These types of tests can tell us if our dogs are likely to be affected by specific conditions or whether they may pass on the genes associated with these conditions if they're bred from.

Conscientious breeders don’t hide test results or deny problems. If test results are not available you should assume a parent dog is a carrier for a disease/ problem or no testing has been done?

A smart and responsible buyer of a puppy looks for genetic screening to have been done and carefully selects for good temperament as well as health.

So why test our dogs?

Most genetic tests only need to be done once in a pet’s life.

Doing a full panel DNA test on our dogs helps us reduce risk of producing puppies affected by inherited conditions. Understanding whether our dogs carries a particular disease-causing gene can help us know what to look for in a similarly DNA-tested mate.

We do a Full Breed Panel DNA test on each of our dogs here.

This is what a reasonable breeder does.

How do we do DNA tests on our dogs?

Most DNA tests require us to take a simple mouth swab from inside dog's mouth (usually from their cheek).

We order in the tests and then do the swabs test here.

Then we send the swabs to labs in either Australia or the United States.

This is such a simply test and only needs to be done once.

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