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Did you know that our Dogs face similar risks from the sun like us?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Spring and Summer are the high-risk months and we recommend using a pet sunscreen. For any pets that enjoys sunbathing or time out in the sun and that are fair-skinned or light-haired are particularly susceptible to the sun’s harsh rays the risk is significantly greater.

Skin cancer can occur commonly in dogs so your pet needs a sunblock applied every three to four hours to areas of their body that have no, or little, hair-covered spots.

Normal sunscreen can include ingredients which are toxic to animals, so a pet-friendly sunscreen should be used.

Rub sunscreen on the tips of their ears, on the end of their nose, and on their stomach – these are the most commonly sunburnt areas.

It’s EXTREMELY important for pet parents to read the labels on sunscreen before applying it, since dogs may lick their skin and accidentally ingest the sunscreen, many of which contain ingredients that are potentially toxic if ingested.

Please ask your vet which ones are safe to use on your dog.

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